You have an in-spire Case... now what?

inspire case in-lite demo kit

You bought the in-spire case. You're ready to start closing deals... But do you know how to use the case to your full advantage? 

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You may be wondering at this point: What do I say? How do I make the best use of my new sales investment? Don't worry, the in-lite team's got you covered!

The in-spire Case is a valuable sales tool designed to show your clients a variety of our fixtures. It's important for you to know the contents of the case inside and out and be confident on how to use it at consults with your clients. 

inspire case, case of lights, demo kit

What's in the Case? 

Start off by familiarizing yourself with the products in the case: you will find the mini-transformer and the extra extension cord under the bottom white insert. Make sure the cables are not tangled and that they're poking out of the 2 holes located at the top-right of the bottom section of the case, this way you can easily access them whenever you open your box of nighttime magic.

Note: The mini-transformer is not a standard in-lite product. The transformer is not for individual sale and cannot be used for a proper installation of an in-lite system.

Top half: 

  • When you first open your in-spire Case, you'll see our LIV LOW DARK path light right at the top. This contemporary fixture casts a 360-degree glow that can illuminate 4’ across any pathway and  garden. Click here to learn more about the LIV LOW DARK. Quick selling features you can utilize in your next client meeting:
    • Beautiful 360 degree glow that lights both your pathway and your garden
    • Modern design that looks beautiful during the night and day
  • To the bottom left is our MINI WEDGE DARK wall light. This is our smallest wall fixture (perfect for deck posts), and it casts a soft and downwards ambient light. Click here to learn how to install the MINI WEDGE DARK. Quick selling features you can utilize in your next client meeting:
    • Great light to illuminate stairs and decks for safety - ensure your loved ones don't trip or slip on uneven surfaces
    • Subtle glow creates a romantic ambiance around your outdoor space
  • To the bottom right you'll find our MINI-SCOPE spotlight with the SHIELD 1 accessory; these two are paired together to accent smaller plants and shrubs (such as hydrangeas, boxwoods, junipers). Click here to learn about the SCOPE series.  Pro Tip: Add the SHIELD 1 accessory to the MINI-SCOPE to direct the light source upward onto the object without any glare in your eyes when walking by. Quick selling features you can utilize in your next client meeting:
    • Your beautiful landscape features deserve to be seen at nighttime
    • Round out the entire space by illuminating the landscape that surrounds it

      inspire case

Bottom Half: 

  • Moving down to the bottom half of your in-spire Case, you will see the EVO HYDE 180C DARK top and center. This 7” under cap light is commonly used to downlight pillars, seating walls, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and BBQ areas. Click here to learn more about our undercap lights. 
    Pro Tip: The EVO HYDE 180C DARK comes with our FIX 3 bracket accessory for easy installation in hardscape applications. Quick selling feature you can utilize in your next client meeting:
    • In comparison to other lighting brands, the in-lite undercap has more diodes so it creates an even light distribution
    • The other guys:
      undercap lights, in-lite undercap fixtures
    • in-lite:undercap lights, in-lite undercap lights
  • Next, we have all the recessed fixtures: To the left is our FUSION series, which offers a softer and non-blinding ambient light at 2750 Kelvins. This series is commonly used in seating areas, around fire features, or wherever your customer wishes to have a more romantic and soft ambiance. First you'll see our larger FUSION (60mm) fixture. This light has a stainless-steel ring which can be installed in both deck and hardscape applications. Below it you will see our FUSION 22 RVS and our FUSION 22 RVS DARK (22mm). The only difference between these two fixtures is the color of the stainless-steel ring. Finally, the graphic at the at the bottom left shows our FUSION 22 which is 22mm. This fixture does not come with a ring and can only be used for hardscape and decking applications. Click here to see the FUSION series in action. 
  • On the far right is our HYVE series. The HYVE has a honeycomb lens and offers a brighter beam at 3000 Kelvins to illuminate your client’s pathways, borders or decks. You can even place our HYVE in softscape applications with our SPIKE accessory to up light a small retaining wall or fence for example. The HYVE series also comes in two sizes: 22mm and 60mm. Watch the video below to see the difference between the HYVE and FUSION

    Pro Tip: All our 22mm and 60mm recessed fixtures can be used for softscape applications with the SPIKE accessory
  • Last but not least we have the PUCK 22 DARK. Are you looking for modern and unique? This light captivates your attention with its non-blinding, 360-degree glow. The PUCK 22 DARK is ideal for stairs, deck risers, fences, and more. The aluminum cap on this fixture casts light at 360 degrees which creates a unique, modern, and soft look to any application. Check out the video below to see a unique application for the PUCK series: 

    Keep in Mind: This fixture sits slightly raised above ground level, not flush/flat like the HYVE or FUSION series. However, it is still safe to walk on or drive over! 

Work on your product knowledge:

Take some time to make sure you know at least a few stats or facts about all the lights in the case. Customers will most likely ask what makes our lights so special, so it's very important to be prepared and confident when it comes to the product you're selling.  

Here are some key stats/facts for you to keep up your sleeve: 

  • All recessed fixtures on the bottom panel are IP67 rated (FUSION, HYVE & PUCK series). 
  • All our fixtures come with a 5-Year Comprehensive Warranty. Click here to learn more about our warranty policy. That means we'll replace the entire fixture in the even that something goes wrong, not just pieces of it. Plus, our warranty process is smooth and easy - we're here to support you! 
  • Our lights have the highest CRI (Color Rendering Index) at 90+ on all fixtures, which gives you the highest quality light and brightest color rendition on the market. (Click here to learn about CRI). "Highest quality light output in the market" is a pretty strong selling feature if we do say so ourselves.

in-spire case case of lights demo case light case


Don’t forget about The Book of in-lite

Make sure you take some time to familiarize yourself with the Book of in-lite. This is a great resource to bring along with the case, and knowing where to find product info will increase the client's trust in you. Once you have that confidence with your client, the sale is yours for the taking!

There are 2 formats you can choose from: hard copy and digital. The Digital Book of in-lite is the most interactive and convenient sales tool we've created so far, you can find the best imagery in-lite has to offer, videos, graphics, and much more! Did we mentioned that it's all free?

Book of in-lite 2022


Tips for successful consults/meetings with clients

  1. When the consultation turns to the topic of lighting, it's time to pull out the in-spire Case. Have your Book of in-lite ready so that you can also show some installed pictures of any lights they may ask about, and also a few of the lights that aren’t included in the in-spire Case.
  2. Our in-spire Case comes wired and ready to plug into any outlet at your clients home or office. Seeing really is believing - make sure you turn the lights on to get the full effect! 
  3. There is an extra EASY-LOCK Connector and extension cord in the case to plug in another sample light, such as our SWAY LOW BLACK (sold separately) or any other in-lite fixture. You can expand your kit and add extra fixtures you enjoy using for demos. Watch the video below to see why you should switch to our EASY-LOCK. 

  4. Remember: dress to impress and lead with a smile! We all know customers buy on emotion so have fun with it! If your customers enjoy the time they spend talking with you, they will be more likely to sign.
  5. The case is light weight and easy to transport. You can leave the case in your vehicle to have ready for your next client demo.

inspire case case of lights demo case

And that's it! Now that you have a better understanding of The in-spire Case, you’re ready to go and upsell in-lite to your customers like a boss. Elevate your projects through the power of lighting and show all your customers the magic of outdoor lighting in person. 

If you want to talk more about the in-spire case, our team is always happy to hop on a call with you! Call us M-F, 8am-8pm EST at 1 833 472 9960.

Share your feedback with us – Tag us on Instagram (@inlitedesign) or contact us at 

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