Top 3 Tools To Sell More Outdoor Lighting

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Here are 3 amazing sales tools you can use to sell more outdoor lighting to your clients! 

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Selling outdoor lighting can be tricky business, and we know it's not easy to show its value to your customers without any props or tools to help you out. That's why we have created the following sales tools to take your business to the next level: 


The in-lite in-spire Case:

This is the ultimate sales tool for the professional. You can maximize your outdoor lighting sales with the help of this Display Case that comes complete with our best-selling fixtures, including the recessed line (FUSION, HYVE and PUCK series). There's no better way to show the quality and magic of our fixtures to your clients.

This case is easy to carry, modern and high quality. We know how important it is for you, the professional, to offer only the best, and with The in-spire Case you can now provide an engaging, tactile and effective sales pitch to all your prospect and current clients. 

Check out this video to find out more about The in-spire Case. 

in-spire case-sample case-light kit-sales case-sales tool


The in-lite Experience Kit:

This portable and heavy-duty polybag is a helpful display sample bag used to give your clients an in-person idea of what their outdoor space will look like with in-lite fixtures.

How does this work? Well, the goal here is to sell the magic and value of outdoor lighting and win over those clients who are hesitant to use in-lite. We recommend installing the lights in the kit for just a couple of days to accent a small area, like a garden, tree or path. Once your client sees how amazing the lights look at night, and how empty and dark it looks after you took them away, they will ask you to come back and re-install the system. 


Pro Tip: Try to install the lights close together in one spot rather than spreading them out across the outdoor space, this way the client can see the contrast between the part that's lit up versus the other areas drowning in darkness. Seeing really is believing! 

This is basically the oldest trick in the bag: Tease your customer with the experience and quality of in-lite for a short period of time to inspire them and make them see the difference outdoor lighting can make. 

A great example of a well-established outdoor lighting company who's found great success using our Experience Kit is the Bright Knights. Check out their testimony below:

  "We recently set up the Experience Kit at a consultation and left it for an overnight trial. When we returned the following day to discuss design and fixtures the customers were so excited! They provided us with a 2D hand sketch with their fixture selections, placement and count which enabled us to narrow down the design efficiently.  We were able to provide them with pricing immediately and secure the job..."

Click here to learn more of the in-lite Experience Kit. If you'd like to ask us a question about this product and/or make an order, please reach out to

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The Book of in-lite:

This is also a great resource to show your customers what in-lite looks like after it's been installed. This book has the best imagery in-lite has to offer, design inspiration, product knowledge and the power to show the potential and high-quality results of our products. 

You have 2 formats to choose from: 

  • Digital: The digital Book of in-lite is a great (and free!) sales tool you can use to: learn more about in-lite products or share with your customers on-the-go. This eco-friendly version of our brochure includes interactive content such as videos, graphics and high quality photos. Click here to open the link to the Digital Book of in-lite. 
  • Hard Copy: If you're a fan of pen and paper, our Book of in-lite won’t disappoint. We always recommend to keep a copy or two with you to learn as much as you can about outdoor lighting to later impress and show it to your clients when it's time to meet and pitch a project. Reach out to to learn how you can get access to our hard copy Book of in-lite. 

Book of in-lite 2022 - inlite catalogue - in-lite brochure


With these 3 tools, you'll have all you need to sell more lighting to your clients, create magical spaces and also grow your business. 

If you have any questions or inquiries about our sales tools, don’t hesitate to reach out to 

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