Top 4 Outdoor Lighting Essentials

If you're new to the world of outdoor lighting and you don’t know where to begin, here are 4 must-have products to keep in mind when designing your client's outdoor spaces. 



Whether you're trying to light up a small rose bush, an accent wall or a massive oak tree, our SCOPE series has got you covered. Sit back and enjoy a high CRI, modern design and adjustable tilt for creative and dynamic lighting effects. Stuck wondering which Spotlight is best for you? Check out this video to find the perfect Spotlight to illuminate your space. 

big nero, spotlights, tree lights

Choose the right spotlight size and light reach for your application based on the element you're trying to light up. Click here to see our product advisor guide for in-lite Spotlights! The best part? Our spotlights are incredibly quick and easy to install in mulch, grass, sand, loose stones or dirt. 



Adding path lights to new or existing projects is a great way to increase your project's profit margin with minimal effort. Path lighting is also incredibly easy to install and one of the most common types of outdoor lighting, meaning your customers will most likely see the importance of the look and safety. 

A great example of our most unique and modern path lights is the ACE series. This bollard has the power to transform any path, driveway or garden into a work of art with its tilting light source and characteristic V-beam. 

path lights ace dark for outdoor spacesPhoto by: UrbanTerra Landscape & Design

Want to know more about how you can make your projects pop with path lighting? Check out this video to see the ACE HIGH in action. 

Learn more about in-lite's path light collection here



Undercap lights are modern, unique and easy to install. The warm and high-quality beam produced by our EVO HYDE series will show off the amazing texture of any hardscape or decking application you install it in, check out the image below for some design inspiration: 

Evo Hyde undercap lightsPhoto by: Royal Oak Design and Build

Take any hardscape to the next level with the EVO HYDE series, you have 2 sizes to choose from: 



The SMART HUB-150 is here to change the outdoor lighting game. This sleek, user friendly and modern transformer has a 150 VA capacity and allows you to customize and control 3 different light zones from the comfort of your smartphone through the in-lite App. 

low voltage outdoor lighting transformer, smart transformer, smart hub 150

 If safety is at the top of your client's list of priorities for their outdoor space at night, you can also connect the SMART HUB-150 to our wireless, Bluetooth and solar-powered motion detector: the SMART MOVE! Check out this video to learn more about this awesome product: 


We hope this blog shed some light (pun intended) on what products you need to get properly started in the world of outdoor lighting. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 

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