The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Lighting

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Pushing the Outdoor Living Industry in the Right Direction

Angelique Robb from SYNKD and Jen Schinkel from in-lite Outdoor Lighting recently came together for an inspiring conversation about the true essence of being a part of the landscaping community. They explored the significance of relatable leadership in driving success and the valuable lessons learned from experiences beyond the green industry. Dive into this captivating Spotlight Interview to uncover their insights on the importance of community and why it holds such a special place in the world of landscaping.

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A photo of stairs leading up to a deck with glass railings and a hot tub. The step risers are illuminated with in-lite fixtures.

Outdoor Step Lighting Ideas For Safety and Style

When it comes to outdoor lighting, step lights are an important addition that add both safety and style. A landscape design that looks incredible during the day can be hard to see and difficult to navigate in the evening. Adding outdoor lighting will provide illumination and a touch of elegance to any property. 

In this article we review the best outdoor step lighting ideas that you can use in your next project.

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A backyard deck with a pergola, hot tub, and seating. There are in-lite light fixtures installed on the pergola, with a stone fireplace on the wall.

Creative Ways To Install Pergola Lighting

A pergola is a popular exterior home feature for many homeowners, and its popularity has continued to grow due to their versatility and customizability. Not only do pergolas provide aesthetic beauty and charm to an outdoor space, but they also provide a functional purpose by providing shade from the sun. One way to take your pergola projects to the next level is to install lighting. With the wide range of lighting options available, you can easily customize the look of each pergola to suit your client's style. This article explores a variety of pergola lighting solutions and creative ways to use lighting in an outdoor space.

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3 Types of Path Lights That Will Make Any Landscape Awesome

Finding the right path lights to fit an outdoor space can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider: what are the colors, feel and materials of the hardscape/landscape? What are your client’s budget and goals for the look and feel of the space? Do they want a lot of lighting from the get-go, or do they want to start small and maybe have you come back next year to install more lighting?

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