The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Lighting

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A photo of a large home with a multi-level backyard stone patio complete with kitchen, seating areas, fire pit, and outdoor lighting.

Selling A Hardscaping Project With Lighting

Are you looking to create a breathtaking outdoor space for your clients? Do you want to offer them an experience they won't forget? Sell them a complete hardscape overhaul, with lighting.

Oftentimes hardscape projects lack the wow factor that clients are seeking. Sure, you can install a patio or retaining wall, but without the proper lighting, it falls flat. Clients want to be wowed by their property. They want to show off their outdoor space to friends and family, and they want it to be a place they can call home.

From large patios and decks, to highlighting the intricate details of a stone wall, to illuminating a winding pathway, hardscape opportunities are endless.

We can help you sell a hardscape project with lighting by selling the experience. By offering clients a complete hardscape renovation, you're not just selling them a patio or a retaining wall, you're selling them a transformation. You're selling them an escape from the stress of everyday life, a place to unwind and connect with others.

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A photo of a multi-story home with a grand entrance that has multiple landscape lights and gardens installed.

Why Quality Hardscape Lighting Matters

Are you tired of lackluster outdoor lighting that fails to showcase the beauty of your hardscape? Have you installed what you thought was a decent brand of landscape lighting, only to have it alter the colors of the area or fail to be bright enough? As a professional, you want to create a captivating atmosphere that will leave your clients impressed.

in-lite offers high-quality hardscape lighting and outdoor lighting for all types of applications. Continue reading to find out why quality hardscape lighting matters, and how you can select the best fixtures for your next project. 

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A photo of a person applying adhesive to a patio stone.

3 Types of Hardscape Lighting To Install During Hardscaping Projects

Do you design and install hardscapes, but haven’t incorporated hardscape lighting yet? Do you have clients asking for hardscape lighting to be added long after their project was completed? It can be challenging to get that kind of request after you’ve completed your hardscaping installations, and having to let the client know it might not be possible.

We’re here to help you make a plan on how to incorporate hardscape lighting into your quote process, so you can minimize lost sales and disappointment. in-lite offers 3 types of hardscape lighting fixtures that need to be installed at the time of hardscaping construction. Continue reading and get all the details on these incredible hardscape lights.

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A photo of a covered deck with lights on the ceiling and privacy walls. It has a stone bar and various seating.

How To Integrate Hardscape Lighting In An Outdoor Kitchen

Are you a contractor who designs and installs outdoor kitchens, but feel like you're missing out on potential profits? You've built a reputation for creating stunning outdoor living spaces, but what about the after-hours ambiance? No one wants to cook or entertain in a poorly lit space.

It's time to take your designs to the next level and offer hardscape lighting services. By integrating lighting into your outdoor kitchen installations, you will add a functional element and elevate the overall look and feel of the space. Your clients will appreciate the added safety and convenience, and you'll appreciate the added profits. Don't let the sun dictate your clients' outdoor kitchen experience. Add hardscape lighting to your repertoire and take your outdoor kitchen business to the next level.

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A photo of a contractor installing lighting on a brick wall.

The Bright Benefits of Offering Hardscape Lighting Services

Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase revenue? Have you considered offering hardscape lighting services, but it felt daunting? Are you feeling unsure if you’ll be able to work it into your existing business? Adding hardscape lighting services to your business can provide numerous benefits, including a boost in sales. We can help you add hardscape lighting services to your contracting business. Continue reading to find out why it's worth considering.

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A photo of stairs leading up to a deck with glass railings and a hot tub. The step risers are illuminated with in-lite fixtures.

Outdoor Step Lighting Ideas For Safety and Style

When it comes to outdoor lighting, step lights are an important addition that add both safety and style. A landscape design that looks incredible during the day can be hard to see and difficult to navigate in the evening. Adding outdoor lighting will provide illumination and a touch of elegance to any property. 

In this article we review the best outdoor step lighting ideas that you can use in your next project.

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