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A photo of a covered deck with various ceiling lighting, a stone bar, and seating areas.

4 Deck Lighting Trends For Your Next Project

Do you feel like it's tough to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in deck lighting? Homeowners are looking for professionals who can offer innovative, high-quality lighting solutions for their outdoor spaces. Failing to keep up with deck lighting trends and innovations can result in missed opportunities to grow your business and build your reputation as an expert in your area.

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A photo of a contractor installing outdoor lighting on a wooden deck bench.

Tips for Flawless Deck Lighting Installations

Do you ever struggle with organizing low-voltage cables when installing deck lighting or lighting for other outdoor structures like gazebos and pergolas? It can be a real challenge to keep all of the cables in order and out of sight. It’s not always possible to hide every single cable, but with a little planning and some practical solutions, you can ensure that your outdoor lighting and low-voltage systems are safe, functional, and looking great.

We have laid out some tips so you can manage your low-voltage deck lighting installations like a pro!

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A photo of a deck with a pergola and various in-lite fixtures installed.

How To Upsell Professional Lighting Instead Of Solar Deck Lighting

As a landscaping or contracting professional, you know that your clients' outdoor spaces can benefit greatly from well-placed and thoughtfully designed lighting. However, convincing clients to invest in professional lighting installations, instead of opting for cheaper solar deck lighting can be a challenge. We’re here to help you overcome this hurdle and successfully upsell your clients on the benefits of professionally installed low-voltage outdoor lighting.

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A photo of stairs leading up to a deck with glass railings and a hot tub. The step risers are illuminated with in-lite fixtures.

Outdoor Step Lighting Ideas For Safety and Style

When it comes to outdoor lighting, step lights are an important addition that add both safety and style. A landscape design that looks incredible during the day can be hard to see and difficult to navigate in the evening. Adding outdoor lighting will provide illumination and a touch of elegance to any property. 

In this article we review the best outdoor step lighting ideas that you can use in your next project.

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