Offer More Than Deck Lighting To Your Clients

An aerial photo of a large landscaped property with a variety of outdoor lighting surrounding an in-ground pool.

Are you a contractor who installs deck lighting, but you’re feeling limited to only installing riser or recessed lights? Do you want to offer more comprehensive outdoor lighting services to your clients and take your business to the next level?

If you're looking to expand your services, we've got you covered. Using the following tips and practical solutions, you can upsell your clients and upgrade their outdoor spaces into stunning, well-lit areas that showcase your craftsmanship and expertise. Your clients will be amazed at the transformation of their outdoor space when you extend on lighting the deck.

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How To Complement Outdoor Deck Lighting With Layers

Adding depth to outdoor deck lighting requires incorporating a variety of lighting techniques that go beyond only installing lights on deck posts or recessed lights on the deck floor. If you create a layered lighting effect, you will enhance the overall look and feel of your client’s outdoor space. It’s simple to achieve this by using these popular in-lite products:

Spotlights: The SCOPE

A photo of a covered deck with illuminated planters on the left. A close-up photo of an in-lite SCOPE fixture shining on a shrub on the right.

Whether you choose to install SCOPE lights in a planter box on the deck or place them in a garden surrounding the perimeter, spotlights can draw attention to focal points, such as plants and shrubs. 

This LED spotlight is perfect for illuminating trees, walls, shrubs, and more. The SCOPE has an adjustable angle, and the ground stake can be removed for easy mounting on hard surfaces.

Up-Down Lights: The HALO UP-DOWN DARK 

A photo of a modern home and deck illuminated by in-lite up-down lights on the left. A moving gif of various photos of in-lite fixtures lit up at night on the right.

The HALO UP-DOWN DARK is versatile and can be installed on walls, fences, posts, and more. Offering two individual beams of light, it creates a beautiful and dramatic effect that will add depth and dimension to the outdoor space you’re upgrading.

Pathway Lights: The ACE HIGH 19”

A photo of a stone walkway and deck steps with in-lite recessed lights installed in the risers on the left. A photo of an in-lite ACE HIGH fixture in black on the right.

Pathway lights enhance safety by illuminating walkways and they also add a charming touch to the overall look of an outdoor space. Add bollard lights, like our ACE HIGH 19” fixture along the edge of the paths surrounding the deck. They can make a big difference in the overall feel of an outdoor space. 

Hardscaping Lights: The FUSION

A photo of a backyard landscaped with stone, featuring steps up to a wooden deck. Pathway lights line the edges of the walkway on the left. A close-up photo of an in-lite recessed fixture in stone on the right.

Installing recessed hardscape lights into a stone walkway or patio around a deck will help to provide a layered look. This style of light is available in a variety of sizes and styles, such as our FUSION fixture, and can be easily installed in a gravel area and in a hard surface, like pavers. Bollard lights are also a great option for illuminating walkways around the deck or patio. 

By strategically placing different types of lighting fixtures around the grounds, you can highlight architectural features, draw attention to focal points, and create a warm and inviting ambiance. Installing lighting that extends beyond the deck will improve the functionality of your client’s outdoor space, will add value to their property, and will create a stunning finished product for your clients.

For more lighting effect ideas and fixture information, check out this project that features over 250 lights:


Reasons To Use in-lite For Outdoor Lighting

A gif of a large deck with a hot tub in the daylight, transitioning to dark.

The low voltage of the in-lite system and outdoor lighting fixtures makes it safe and easy to install yourself, without the need for an electrician. With just a transformer, cable, and fittings, you can easily install yard lighting for any client. 

Additional benefits include:

  • The possibilities for customization are limitless
  • You can connect fixtures together with in-lite EASY-LOCK 
  • No need to deep-bury ground cable, just plug and play
  • LED bulbs have a long lifespan with a bright, solid beam of light
  • Apply SMART features with the in-lite app, Bluetooth connectivity, and TONE RGB color-changing lamps

How To Offer Full Landscape Lighting Services

A photo of a raised deck with various outdoor lighting fixtures installed.

Here are some key considerations that you can keep in mind when upselling landscape lighting installation services to your clients:

1. Discuss the Benefits of Landscape Lighting

When discussing landscape lighting installation services with your clients, it is important to highlight the benefits of adding lighting to their outdoor space. Some of the benefits of landscape lighting include increased security, added functionality, enhanced aesthetics, and a higher property value.

2. Offer Customized Solutions

Every client has unique needs and preferences. It is important to offer customized solutions to meet their specific needs. This can help to enhance customer satisfaction and increase the chances of repeat business. Offer your clients a variety of different lighting services, such as deck lighting, pathway lighting, and fence lighting. By offering a range of services, you can cater to your client's needs and preferences.

3. Discuss the Cost and Return on Investment

When upselling landscape lighting installation services, it is important to discuss the cost and return on investment with your clients. Highlighting the long-term benefits and cost savings can help to convince your clients to invest in landscape lighting.

4. Use High-Quality Products

Using high-quality products will help to ensure the longevity and durability of your landscape lighting installation. It is important to use products, like in-lite, that are energy-efficient, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance.

5. Provide Maintenance Services

Offering maintenance services can help to ensure that your client's landscape lighting continues to function properly over time. This can help to build trust and loyalty with your clients.

6. Show Examples of Your Work

Providing examples of your previous work can help to showcase your expertise in landscape lighting installation. You can create a portfolio of your work to show your clients the quality of your services.

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