New in-lite App Update (June 2022)

The newest in-lite App update (2.0) includes faster connection and loading of routines, adding days of the week to routines, more security, and general bug fixes.

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  • iOS: 2.0 (previously 1.9.2) 
  • Android: (previously

In this new and exciting version of our App, the communication between the App itself and the SMART HUB-150 has been greatly improved, resulting in both a faster connection and loading of routines. The 2.0 version can now be downloaded from the Apple Store and Play Store. 

This new App version includes 3 new updates/features:


Do you want to activate a routine only on a certain day(s)? This is now possible with the new app version. In the routine setup screen, a button named "select days" has been added. In the pop up window, select the preferred days. 

Check out the images below to see how this new feature looks in an iOS device:  


This new feature is great for many reasons, but a quick example of how to use this update is by keeping your lights on later from Friday-Sunday since you are more likely using your outdoor space on the weekend at night. 


To prevent security breaches, a new account verification step has been implemented. You will now be able to authenticate your account using a verification code via e-mail.

Currently, e-mail addresses are not verified when creating an account. This permits the use of a fake or spam e-mail address. To prevent this, an extra verification step has been added: a code will be sent to the e-mail address in question that must be entered in the app. 

  • New users should verify their e-mail address during the first installation.
  • Existing users can do this through a notification via the app. Open the in-lite app and select the notification in the screen. Follow the steps in the app. Please note: This step is not yet mandatory for these users but we highly recommend setting up your email address with your in-lite app.

This is what the email verification process looks like in an iOS device: 




Specific for IOS: 

- Various small bugs 

Specific for Android: 

- Routine light zone selection: This bug was related to changing a routine. If more than 1 SMART HUB-150 is installed in the garden, the routine can be saved correctly. Only when the routine is changed the app automatically selects light zones. This bug has been fixed.

Are you excited to update and test out the in-lite App update? It's time to enhance your outdoor living experience with this new 2.0 in-lite App version. 

If you have any questions about the update, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to reach out directly at

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