Creative Ways To Install Pergola Lighting

A backyard deck with a pergola, hot tub, and seating. There are in-lite light fixtures installed on the pergola, with a stone fireplace on the wall.

A pergola is a popular exterior home feature for many homeowners, and its popularity has continued to grow due to their versatility and customizability. Not only do pergolas provide aesthetic beauty and charm to an outdoor space, but they also provide a functional purpose by providing shade from the sun. One way to take your pergola projects to the next level is to install lighting. With the wide range of lighting options available, you can easily customize the look of each pergola to suit your client's style. This article explores a variety of pergola lighting solutions and creative ways to use lighting in an outdoor space.

Top 3 Benefits of Pergola Lights

A backyard property featuring a wooden pergola, pool with waterfalls, and outdoor landscape lighting by in-lite.

You understand the value of crafting outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical for your clients. Pergola lights will add ambiance, extend the use of the outdoor space, and increase the value of your client’s home. Here are the top three benefits to adding outdoor lighting to a pergola.

1. Extend the Use of the Pergola

By installing the right lighting, a pergola can be enjoyed well into the night, allowing for evening social gatherings, dinner parties, or even just relaxing next to a fire pit with a book.

2. Create Ambiance

Pergola lights come in a variety of styles that you can customize to create the perfect ambiance. Whether your client wants a soft warm glow or bold, vibrant lighting, in-lite has plenty of options that can be used to create a unique ambiance.

3. Enhance Safety

Proper lighting of a pergola, gazebo, or canopy can help to prevent accidents and injuries in these outdoor spaces. You can make the whole outdoor area safer for your clients and their guests by adding illumination to the beams, deck, and perimeter.

Pergola Lighting Ideas

A backyard property featuring a wooden pergola with a patio set, illuminated by in-lite fixtures. It is next to cabanas with loungers, and a pool with a stone patio.

There are several types of lighting that you can use to illuminate your pergola. Landscapers and contractors across North America use in-lite products to illuminate their pergola projects. Here are some creative examples of how they are using our products for pergola lighting:

Up-Down Lighting

A backyard deck with a pergola, hot tub, and seating. There are in-lite light fixtures installed on the pergola, with a stone fireplace on the wall.

This project used the in-lite HALO UP-DOWN lights on the pergola’s structural posts. This lighting idea brightens the space and accents the unique designs in the pergola’s ceiling.

Pendant Lighting

A close-up photo of the DISC PENDANT DUO pendant lights by in-lite.

Installing pendant lights outdoors can make an outdoor structure feel like an extension of the indoors. Maddawork, located in Toronto, Ontario used the in-lite DISC PENDANT to create an attractive setting in this pergola-style overhang. These eye-catching lights hang from the pergola ceiling and provide soft illumination with their curved, contemporary design. They can be installed alone or in groups at different heights, and can even be dimmed by hand movements. No dimmer or remote control is needed.

Recessed Pergola Lighting

A wide-angle photo of a newly-constructed wooden pergola and deck with recessed lighting fixtures, seating, and a fire table.

Photo and Project by Royal Decks and Landscapes

Adding recessed lights to the beams of a pergola is a great choice for illuminating the whole area without hanging pendants. Recessed lights are installed to be flush with the beam and can work as an alternative to string lights. Royal Decks and Landscapes used our in-lite HYVE lights to create a striking lighting effect for this backyard pergola.

Wall Lights

A backyard dining area under a pergola, with in-lite’s WEDGE SLIM lights installed on the wall over the countertop.

If you are working with a design that has walls surrounding a pergola, we recommend that you install low-voltage electric wall lights. Our WEDGE SLIM fixture provides a wide light beam that can also brighten a nearby table or walkway.

Garden Lights

A photo of multiple in-lite LIV LOW Bollard light fixtures in a garden at night.

A classic fixture such as our LIV LOW bollard light is a great choice to brighten gardens that surround a pergola. This modern style provides a warm, 360-degree glow that is ideal for lighting the surrounding walkway or seating area of a pergola.

Why We Recommend LED Lighting

A backyard deck with a pergola and seating. There are in-lite light fixtures installed on the pergola, with a stone fireplace on the wall.

We recommend using LED lighting for your pergola lighting and other outdoor elements because they are low voltage, making them safe and easy to install outdoors. Our LED lights are made from a durable construction and will provide a high-quality and modern appearance to your outdoor project.

When it comes to designing your clients’ outdoor spaces, there are countless possibilities for creative lighting solutions. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or installation process. Our dedicated support team is here to help!

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