Create A Deck Lighting Zone With Smart Technology

A photo of a covered, raised deck in a backyard complete with ceiling lights and step riser lights.

Are you new to installing deck lighting or new to using smart transformers for your outdoor lighting installations? If so, you may be wondering how to best use all of the features that come with these products. One of the most convenient features of this technology is the ability to create lighting zones for your landscape project. Using in-lite’s SMART HUB-150 Transformer, you can easily control and customize outdoor lighting zones for different areas of your client's outdoor spaces, including their deck.

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What Are Lighting Zones?

A photo of a person holding a phone, using the in-lite app.

Lighting zones are an important concept in landscape lighting installation. They refer to dividing the outdoor space into different areas, or zones, each with its own unique lighting setup. By creating multiple lighting zones, clients can customize the lighting in different areas to suit their specific needs.

How To Plan Lighting Zones

Planning lighting zones starts with assessing the outdoor space and identifying the different areas, or features, that require lighting. For example, a deck may be one zone, a fence may be another, and a pathway may be a third. Once the zones have been identified, the appropriate lighting fixtures can be selected for each area.

What Is A SMART HUB-150?

A photo of the in-lite SMART HUB with the text ZONE 1.

A SMART HUB-150 is a central transformer that connects all your installed outdoor lighting. It is the most popular in-lite transformer and provides all the functionalities of smart lighting. It can be easily controlled via the in-lite app. You can automate the operation of your client’s lighting, with up to 5 routines, and expand it with the wireless motion sensor SMART MOVE. The SMART HUB-150 and in-lite App allow for home automation, giving you the freedom to personalize and control outdoor lighting with ease on iOS and Android systems.

Assigning Light Zones Using A SMART HUB-150

To create lighting zones using our SMART HUB-150, check out this tutorial video:


Clients Will Love The Upgrade

A photo of a large, multi-level deck with undercap lights and recessed lights installed in the step riser.

Lighting zones offer a lot of benefits for both professionals and clients. One of the biggest advantages is that you can create customized lighting solutions for each area of your client’s outdoor space. Different timers can be set for each zone, saving both energy and money on utility bills. Overall, lighting zones offer functional flexibility to enhance an outdoor space.

Creating Multiple Lighting Zones On A Large Deck

A photo of a large, multi-level deck with undercap lights and recessed lights installed in the step risers and deck boards.

If you are building a really large deck, creating multiple lighting zones can help to divide the space. By splitting the deck into different lighting zones, such as a dining area, a lounge area, and a bar area, you can tailor the lighting to suit each space's specific needs. For example, the dining area may benefit from brighter lighting to ensure everyone can see their food, while the lounge area may benefit from softer, more relaxed lighting. Having multiple lighting zones means that you can set different moods for each area, allowing your client to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion and make the most of their space.

Seasonal Shut-Off Feature

A photo of a dock at night with recessed lights along the edge.

A lighting zone used for a seasonal shut-off is a great way to conserve energy and reduce the need for constant adjustment of outdoor lighting. Using this feature, you can set a timer for the outdoor lighting to turn off during specific seasons or times of the day. A great example of this is setting up a zone for a client’s dock. Watch the video below to learn how Johnston's Garden Landscaping used a lighting zone for this purpose: 


Offering lighting zones and our SMART HUB-150 to your clients can help to set you apart from your competitors and increase your revenue. By explaining the benefits of lighting zones and demonstrating how they can enhance the look and feel of their outdoor space, you can sell more lighting services to your clients and grow your business. Whether you're a landscaping or contracting professional, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in outdoor lighting can help you expand your services and meet the unique needs of your clients. 

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