in-lite University Live 2023 is Back!

in-lite U 2023

in-lite University Live 2023 is a live virtual training seminar designed for professionals to learn all there is to know about low voltage outdoor lighting. The in-lite team will touch on a variety of subjects, starting with the basics like Installation, Core Products, Design Tips, Cable Management, to more advanced topics like Sales Techniques, Advanced Lighting Effects, Drilling Methods, Sales Tools, and more!

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Why should you attend in-lite U Live 2023? 

  1. in-lite U Live is free! The in-lite team believes that all outdoor living professionals deserve to have equal opportunity to learn about the magic of in-lite (and lighting in general), the biggest investment is your time! 
  2. Whether you're on the fence about offering low voltage outdoor lighting to your clients, or if you're already a seasoned installer and wish to get a refresh on knowledge and learn new skills right from the source; you will always learn something new, no matter what your level of expertise or knowledge is. 
  3. in-lite U is 100% virtual: this means you can take all the courses you want right from the comfort of your home or office. You could even hop on the event while in your truck, but we recommend getting comfortable for optimal focus and information retention. We cover a lot, you'll probably want to take notes!
  4. It's an interactive (and live) experience: all in-lite U courses are presented to you in real-time by our knowledgeable and experienced team. This means you can ask all your questions and get answers on the spot. Plus, it's proven that interactive learning helps you retain more information and makes the process a lot more enjoyable.
  5. All courses are offered at different times: we know that everyone's schedule is different, so we offer multiple courses on different days and at varying times, so you can find the best option for you! Click here to see all the courses. 

in-lite University live 2023


Here's a brief summary of all the courses offered in in-lite U 2023: 

1. The Core Products of in-lite - A Foundational Framework: Learn how to best utilize the most popular fixtures in the in-lite product range to create magical experiences for your clients! 

Dates and times: 



2. Designing with Lighting Effects to Enhance an Outdoor Space: Learn different lighting effects and techniques, as well as how to incorporate them in your projects to create a magical experience! 

Dates and times:

in-lite u 2023 lighting effects


3. Successful Selling for the Lighting Professional: Learn how to sell with confidence! Gain insight into proven selling tactics and how to win over proper customers for long term success.

Dates and times: 

in-lite university 2023 how to sell outdoor lighting


4. Pricing Methods & Sales Tools for Profitable Projects: Learn different pricing methods used for outdoor lighting projects to win projects, ensure they are profitable, and generate referrals. 

Dates and times:

in-lite in-spire case


5. How the in-lite System Works - A Technical Overview: Become a master in low-voltage outdoor lighting, as we teach you everything you need to know when setting up an in-lite system!

Date and times: 

easy lock in-lite


6. A-Z Product Installations for the in-lite Professional: Learn how to install your low voltage outdoor lighting system and fixtures using industry best practices, tips, and tricks! 

Dates and times:

big nero


7. Designing With The SMART HUB-150 - All you Need to Know: Learn everything you need to know about the Bluetooth Low Energy, completely App Operated SMART HUB 150, and it's accessories! 

Dates and times:

smart hub 150 bluetooth


8. Advanced Installation Techniques & Drilling Methods: Learn advanced installation methods for next level creativity, as well as best practices when drilling for recessed fixture installations! 

Dates and times:

how to drill through pavers


9. Advanced Lighting Design Techniques to Elevate Your Project: Learn how to create and execute the foundations of beautiful landscape lighting projects - lighting plans and cable diagrams!

Dates and times: 

Cable Plan in-lite low voltage outdoor lighting


10. Troubleshooting Tips - How to Save Time & Money on Site: Increase your efficiency with our troubleshooting tips and tricks, and learn how to use your system to quickly identify and resolve issues!

Dates and times: 

easy lock in-lite troubleshooting cable


11. Building an Effective Online Presence in 2023: Increase your brand awareness and grow your business by learning how to promote your company on multiple social media platforms!

Dates and times: 

in-lite outdoor lighting social media instagram community

If you have any questions about in-lite University Live 2023 or any of our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to 

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