5 Reasons Why You Should Install Outdoor Lighting This Fall

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Here the top 5 reasons why you should be installing in-lite this upcoming Fall season. 

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Contrary to popular belief, Autumn is not too late into the year to install outdoor lighting, in fact, it's arguably the best time. Depending on where you are located, the extreme summer heat can be hindering the completion of your projects, so Fall is your game-time. 

It's commonly known that people love the Fall... The cozy vibes, the bonfires, the sweater weather, and more. As a pro, now's the time to capitalize on the need for outdoor spaces and the addition of outdoor lighting.

Here are 5 great reasons why installing outdoor lights for the Fall season is an amazing way to grow your business: 

  1. It gets darker outside earlier in the Fall, which means homeowners will have more time to enjoy their outdoor living spaces after work in the crisp and fresh Autumn weather if their space is lit up at night. Your clients want to continue to enjoy the investment they've made in their outdoor space so you can help them do that by installing outdoor lighting!  

    If they don't have lighting installed yet, we can guarantee they are feeling the impacts of the lack of lighting and are disappointed in their ability to spend time outside. If your clients are unsure about the difference lighting can make, we recommend using the in-lite Experience Kit which will allow you to temporarily set up a small lighting system and show them what lighting can do.

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  2. Install outdoor lighting to enhance the warm colors of your client's autumn landscapes. 51% of Americans say that their favorite part of Fall is the foliage, so take advantage of that! All those reds, yellows, oranges, and even bare branches give a lot of room to play with designs, shadows, textures, and colors. in-lite offers the highest CRI (90+) in all of our fixtures so we promise that those Fall colors will really come to life with the addition of outdoor lighting. Click here to learn more about CRI.
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  3. Safety! Now that it starts getting darker earlier, homeowners will appreciate getting home from work and seeing their front yard, deck or porch lit up. Intruders stay away from well-lit spaces too, so even if the homeowner isn't there, you can still automatically turn lights on and off with the Day/Night Activation and feature in all our HUB Transformers. With the SMART HUB-150 transformer you can now control up to 3 different routines or times. Kids will also be able to play and stay outside for longer (big plus for all parents out there, which are great selling points for any existing and upcoming fall projects! 

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  4. If your business is based in the Southern states, you're in luck because Fall is when most of your clients will actually want to spend time outside. We know a lot of homeowners say it's too hot and humid in the dead of the summer to enjoy their outdoor spaces so that's why they enjoy Fall the best. In some really hot places, it may even be too warm during the day to enjoy the pool or patio at all. If they're going to enjoy their space most in Autumn, help them elongate the time they can be outside. 

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  5. Make the most out of fire pit and hot tub season! Fall is also the time when homeowners will spend those late nights out on their patio or deck enjoying the warmth and coziness they get from sitting close to a fire with their loved ones. Those clients with hot tubs will also love a good soak at night surrounded by the stunning lights and colors of their in-lite fixtures. Adding outdoor lighting to spaces like this will make it feel like a romantic resort that your clients will love.

    Pro Tip: When selling outdoor lighting to your customers, always try to present scenarios full of sensory experiences and emotions. Talk about enjoying a refreshing or warm drink, soaking in the hot tub after the kids have gone to bed, all those good things. That's the key to a homeowner's heart! 

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We hope these tips have helped you grow your business in the fall months and create a magical space for your customers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to an Account Rep: 833-472-9960, or shoot us an email at: info@in-lite.com.

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