3 Types of Path Lights That Will Make Any Landscape Awesome

Finding the right path lights to fit an outdoor space can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider: what are the colors, feel and materials of the hardscape/landscape? What are your client’s budget and goals for the look and feel of the space? Do they want a lot of lighting from the get-go, or do they want to start small and maybe have you come back next year to install more lighting?

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To make the selection process much easier for you, we’ve separated our existing path lights into 3 different categories: Modern, Unique and Traditional.



Creating modern, sleek, and durable lighting fixtures that are quick to install is our specialty. Here are a few contemporary options to choose from:


DISC and DISC LOW Photo credits: @mhlandco

  • DISC and DISC LOW: The DISC series offers a modern twist on your traditional bollard fixture. This light is ideal for clients who have a bold & contemporary theme in mind and you can use it to accent both paths and gardens with its warm and non-glaring 360 degree light-source.

    Fun fact: The DISC series has the highest CRI of all our fixtures (CRI of 98), meaning your client will see the colors of their outdoor space just as vividly at night as they would during the day. If you'd like to know more about CRI and why it's very important, click here. 

    These bollards come in 2 sizes: The DISC, which stands at 23" tall, and the DISC LOW at 14" tall. Choose your size(s) depending on what matches the design and elements you want to light up.
    Design tip: Combine different DISC sizes to create dynamic and fully lit outdoor space. Check out this video to see more on the DISC bollards. 

    evo dark and evo low dark
  • EVO DARK & EVO LOW DARK: The EVO DARK produces an architecturally sleek and forward-facing glow. The broad and soft beam it produces is perfect for illuminating driveways and walkways. The bold design of this light will make a statement during the day as well as during the night. Available in two heights: 24" and 12". 

    evo ground 300 path light for landscapes and hardscapes, outdoor lighting                                                              Photo credits: @inlite_global
  • EVO GROUND 300The EVO GROUND 300 adds a minimalistic look and feel to any project. Ideal for clients who would rather have recessed fixtures installed instead of bollards. This path light can be installed into pavers, driveways, grass, mulch and around pool areas.

    Fun fact: You can drive and cut grass over these lights without issue! 

    Design tip: To avoid the "runway" look and create more pleasing and unique designs, you can stagger or group these fixtures in pairs. Check out this video to find out more about how you can install the EVO GROUND 300.


If your goal is to create magical and unique lighting designs that your clients will never forget, here are a few great examples you can get inspiration from: 


ace high path lights for outdoor spaces
  • ACE and ACE HIGHA customer favorite! This bollard produces a unique V-beam and downward dispersed light on two sides, making it perfect for use between gardens and pathways. It can be used to illuminate vegetation, ornamental grasses, plants, driveways, and walkways. The best part? You can easily adjust the light effect with a tilting light source. The ACE bollards come in 5 different colors you can pick from and also in 2 different sizes: 8" and 19".

    Design tip: We recommend installing more than 2 ACES and to stagger them in a zig-zag manner along a path to create more artistic and visually-balanced lighting effects. Check out this YouTube video to see how we create this effect. 

sway and sway low modern path lights for gardens and pathways Project by: @jonstonsptbo

  • SWAY & SWAY LOWThe SWAY Series is the perfect mix between unique and natural. True to its name, this fixture will sway and move softly from side-to-side with the wind, seamlessly blending in and moving in synchrony with any grasses, gardens, bushes and trees in your outdoor space. It produces a 360 degree halo that's non-blinding, which makes it perfect for paths and gardens where people will be walking by often. You can get the SWAY in Silver Grey or Black, and it comes in 2 sizes: 23" and 39". 

    Design tip: Integrate different SWAY sizes into your lighting designs to create layers, depth and a more organic and unique look for the space. If you'd like to see this fixture in action, click here. 

    puck and puck 22 recessed path lights, deck lights no glare                                                              Photo credits: @inlite_global
  • PUCK + SPIKE Accessory: The PUCK Series is one of our most unique and non-blinding recessed path lights. It's designed for pathway, wall dock & deck applications, and you can safely walk or drive over them without causing damage to the fixture. To install it, you can either drill into your paver/deck or pair it with the SPIKE and SPIKE 22 accessories (depending on the PUCK size you choose).

    spike accessories recessed lights
    The SPIKE Accessories let you easily and quickly push down and install the PUCK into soft surfaces like grass, dirt or mulch around a path. This is a time and money saver, and it also gives your customers the choice to move the lights in the future to adapt to any changes in the landscape/hardscape. 
    The PUCK series comes in Silver Grey and Black colors, and you have 2 sizes to choose from: 2 3/8" (60mm) and 7/8" (22mm). 

    Keep in mind: This fixture is dome-shaped, meaning it will sit flush to the surface but still protrude slightly off the ground in comparison to our other recessed fixtures. 

    Design tip: Combine different PUCK sizes to create unique and modern lighting designs. Not only in paths, but also walls, fences and more! The sky's the limit with this one. 


Not all clients will want to go down the modern or unique route when it comes to lighting designs, that's why we also offer you a more traditional and simple option for path lights:


liv low dark path lights bollards for outdoor spaces outdoor lights

  • LIV & LIV LOW: The LIV bollard series offers a more traditional yet sleek look to your outdoor space. This fixture casts a 360 degree warm glow that's capable of lighting up both gardens and paths at the same time. There are 4 different colors (Dark, Rose Silver, White and Corten) and 2 sizes you can choose from (14" and 24").  

    Design tip: Tavoid the "runway" look, you can play with your sizes, levels and placements of the LIVs in the space to create elegant, artistic and eye-catching lighting effects. Check out this video for more tips on how to light up your pathways. 

We hope this blog helped you discover our different types of path lighting and also ignite your creative spark for future lighting designs using in-lite. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our amazing Customer Experience Team: info@in-lite.com

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