The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Lighting

A photo of stairs leading up to a deck with glass railings and a hot tub. The step risers are illuminated with in-lite fixtures.

Outdoor Step Lighting Ideas For Safety and Style

When it comes to outdoor lighting, step lights are an important addition that add both safety and style. A landscape design that looks incredible during the day can be hard to see and difficult to navigate in the evening. Adding outdoor lighting will provide illumination and a touch of elegance to any property. 

In this article we review the best outdoor step lighting ideas that you can use in your next project.

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A 3D render of an outdoor landscape lighting design for a home. It is set at night.

Landscape Lighting Design: 2D Plans and 3D Renders

Landscape lighting can transform outdoor spaces with the right products and placements, but, even if you have an incredible vision for a project, it can be difficult to communicate these ideas to a client. Landscape lighting design 2D plans and 3D renders will help to visually demonstrate how lighting will look in a space, and how it will function. In this article, we explore the differences between 2D and 3D landscape lighting design, and how you can determine which style is best for your project plan.

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A backyard deck with a pergola, hot tub, and seating. There are in-lite light fixtures installed on the pergola, with a stone fireplace on the wall.

Creative Ways To Install Pergola Lighting

A pergola is a popular exterior home feature for many homeowners, and its popularity has continued to grow due to their versatility and customizability. Not only do pergolas provide aesthetic beauty and charm to an outdoor space, but they also provide a functional purpose by providing shade from the sun. One way to take your pergola projects to the next level is to install lighting. With the wide range of lighting options available, you can easily customize the look of each pergola to suit your client's style. This article explores a variety of pergola lighting solutions and creative ways to use lighting in an outdoor space.

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A photo of a person using a hammer to secure landscaping lighting cable to a wooden post.

Essential Landscape Lighting Tools

Landscape lighting is the perfect way to elevate an outdoor space. Offering outdoor lighting installation for your customers can increase the number of contracts you sign, and the amount of your quotes. Installing a 12-volt landscape lighting system, such as in-lite, means that you don't need to be an electrician to manage the lighting design and installation. In this article, we review the tools and accessories you'll need for your landscape lighting projects.

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